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My Filmmaking passion was always there!

Coming from a computer Engineering background, I was finally able to pursue my dream as a documentary filmmaker, documenting life through my lens. What began as a hobby in 2007 turned into an academic study after doing my masters in documentary film directing as one of the Docnomads.

And here I am living my passion.

Showreel 2012 - 2014

Dear Theresa Khalil,

Congratulations! We are very pleased to inform you that your film is an Official Selection of the Martinique International Film Festival 2016, Summer edition.

With hundreds of films submitted, the selection process was long and difficult due to the high quality of entries. We believe your film stood above the rest to merit the distinction of Official Selection.

لقاء تليفزيونى عن فيلم شرماوى

Future projects

A Documentary series / web documentary project 

A series of documentaries documenting the life stories of people from different religions, philosophies and beliefs.

The film is a melting pot of all the differences between humans. Nationality, religion, ethnicity, political views become just little details in the big picture in which we are all -humans- sharing this experience of existence for a limited time.