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Scholarship for women entrepreneurs منحة لسيدات الأعمال

انتهيت مؤخراً من منحة الحكمة للسيدات و التى هى مموله من قبل الإتحاد الأوروبى و توفر دراسة مجانية لتطوير المشروعات و هى للسيدات من ثلاث دول أوروبية (كرواتيا - أسبانيا و اليونان) و يوجد مثيل لها في جميع دول العالم

تقوم المنحة على تطوير المشروع الذى تتقدم به السيدة و توفير مدربين يقدمون المساعدة للعمل على إنجاح المشروع و قد تقدمت بقناتى اليوتيوبية يونيك يعنى فريد

Below I share with you my Experince with the Wise4 women Program through which I was able to develop my project UniquemeansFarid YouTube channel

I wrote this after our meeting for the first time in Zagreb.

I have been always lucky and as a continuation to this I was recently selected to join the Wise for women program . The program is having a noble aim which is to help and support women who are entrepreneurs or have the potential to becoming one. Women who have projects or ideas for a project to shape, support and develop their visions, make it more concrete and realistic in able to turn it into real applicable entity and beneficial to the society.

Countries in this program are Croatia, Greece and Spain.

The reason I am writing about it now is that after few months of working on our ideas on the Wise platform online, Us, women in Croatia finally met face to face in impact Hub Zagreb

My plan for my project which I developed online

I heard that the selected women were amazing and now as I met them I can say they are truly amazing. Each one had an idea or a project coming from the heart, from the need they see in the society around them and they really have the courage to make a change.

The nurse who wants to help people facing death to die peacefully. The mother who wants to offer for her child and every child the fresh cooked healthy food. The Eco conscious woman who wants to begin a 0 waste shop to reduce the waste and help the environment. And another wants to help autistic children with the alternative knowledge she gained with her autistic son. I can go for ever talking about many other amazing ideas and projects, but that needs another blog post.

The brilliant, surprising work done in this workshop is that it was the most inspiring one I attended. I was selected in many programs before and there was always something lacking or disappointing or even discouraging.

So what was amazing about this workshop is:

1- It wasn't just theoretical, general talk about success or how to become a successful entrepreneur ...NO. I had all the amazing women working specifically on my project trying to inspire me and support me with ideas, suggestions on how to pitch it better and how to apply it better.

Here you can find my project pitch, could be better but improved.

My project is My YouTube channel UNIQUEmeansfarid which is an Arabic / English channel showing, sharing and connecting alternative, out of the box OR Unique ideas, people, events, topics. The aim of the channel is to create an alternative world where we accept minorities, know more about alternative lifestyles, alternative education, medicine ...etc. I hope with this to build in the future my Unique village which is a parallel world you can visit and try for yourself alternative approaches you may never knew they exist and meet inspiring unique people.

2- I didn't get a feedback, I got a feed forward. very specific advice and suggestions from the women on how to develop the project, such as finding volunteers among the filmmaking students to help with the film work. or specific websites where I can share my project to expose it more or reaching others who could have unique stories I could connect with and film.

3- I really admired this private collaborative consultation that was focusing on the positive and encouraging aspects not on criticizing which unfortunately means mostly - I know this from many programs I shared in before- telling the worse in what you do. The workshop was about what is right in the project and how to make it more successful and what needs to be worked on more. It is not what is wrong with you or your project which could be destructive. Here it was simply a feed forward.

I guess not only me but we all came out more confident than we were. more confident about who we are and what to do next.

4- There wasn't this competitive atmosphere that could be created, it is not about who has the best project, it is only about how to collaborate and support each other for the best possible results. I felt really happy and excited when I was able to inspire any of the women or was able to give her an idea that could work for her. I felt good to give maybe more than to receive.

5- We had many guests who shared their success stories with us. It was encouraging to know that the road to success can be very difficult, you just need to be persistent I am attaching here video of a part of the story shared by Jany Hansel who is now having her association in Dubrovnik (Deša) where her successful story was born from the terror of the war.

Story of Success

Bio & Bio owner

6- The idea of envelops was very helpful where other women can put in your envelope their advice and suggestions for the improvement of your idea or project.

And finally I can't end this with out commenting on the fresh smoothie which was so delicious :-)

It was wonderful two days of my life and definitely we will continue to cooperate and collaborate.

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