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مصرللطيران الذى لم أعرفه Egypt air what I didn't know

I was travelling around Europe using mostly the low budget flights like Rayan air, wizz air, easy jet which reminds me of the microbus in Egypt but I also used Tap portugal, Lufthansa, Austrian airlines, Brussels Airlines which are not considered low budget. My surprise was that I was impressed by Egypt air the most. No! not because I am Egyptian! As Egyptian I had this dreamy fantasy idea about Europe and I was ready to be impressed but I wasn't, I was disappointed.

After trying all those airlines I was impressed with Egypt Air. Why?

The blanket and pillow I got on Egypt air were of much better quality compared to others. the screens that drop down tracking your location and temperature out side which was -55 degrees and the speed 700 km /hour.

Scary!!! but informative. I didn't see this in other airlines.

I also was able to watch a film on those screens using the personal ear phones they gave me.

I was a bit disappointed with Lufthansa when I didn't find a magazine on the plane, While the magazine on Egypt air was big enough.

The captian was very clever in taking off and landing. I even didn't notice that we landed. I still remember the name -Captian kareem Ragab-.

To be honest when I boarded on Egypt air I was thinking that the possibility of the plane to crash is more than 50% but now I feel guilty about my misjudgement. Not every thing in Egypt is the worse.

Sorry Egypt Air.