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Cairo Through my eyes - Part2

Cairo Struggle -

In the airoport

I already booked a shuttle bus which I was surprised it exists in the first place. they sent me confirmation email that someone from the company will be waiting with a sign with my name written. But no one was waiting. many limousine drivers were trying to offer me a ride but I made my way through them till I reached the Shuttle bus and found my name in the booking list.

I paid 130 Egyptian pounds which is around 15 Euros. It is a lot for such a distance from the airport to Mansheit Eltahrir where my brother lives. the surprise is after I was in the Shuttle bus the driver told me he doesn't go to this address he may go to hotels but not to such areas which is a very local area with narrow crowded streets. I had to argue with him for few minutes claiming my right for telling me this when I booked online and put the address not now after I am already in the shuttle bus and why they took the money in the first place if he doesn't go to such addresses.

Anyway finally he drove me to the address and I gave him extra 10 LE as tips for his generosity to take me to the already booked address.

The driving license joke

I came to Egypt to renew my driving license, I was very optimistic because I had my driving license from Nasr city branch and I thought I will just go there to such a familiar area and get the new one.

It was actually very simple at the beginning they took my old driving license and my ID and after paying 10 pounds and in few minutes they gave me a paper saying I don't need to pay any fines. Then they asked me to get 2 medical certificates one from a general doctor and one from ophthalmologist, and to head after to tagamoa elkhames branch which is very far almost outside Cairo to get my driving license.

one funny thing happened is that the ophthalmologist wanted to give me the certificate that I can see good enough for driving without checking me but I insisted on checking and testing my eye sight capabilities and I was happy with the result.

I went to Eltagamoa and paid the fees, photocopied few documents got some stamps and finally they told me I am done but to get the driving license I need to head to Sharm EL sheikh as my address in the ID is in Sharm !!!

I thought It was a joke and even after I explained to them that I don't live in Egypt and I am just here to renew the driving license they had no way out but to fly to Sharm El Sheikh to get my driving license.

They didn't even inform me about this at the beginning to save my effort and money or maybe they intentionally didn't want to inform me.

Food specialties in Cairo

I am putting my favorite places but you can add your recommendations

These are the things I would not miss during my visit to Cairo.


Kushari Eltahrir

Home cooked food - fool & falafel


Juice & cocktail


Sea food

Abu kir - Sint fatima


cake and icecream


Pies ( fteer)


شوارع القاهرة

يغلب عليها اللون الترابى الكالح، وجوه الناس المكفهرة و ضوضاء عاصفة تعتادها مع الوقت.

كنا نسمع عن الانفجار السكانى و نخشاه و الآن بعد أن وقع الانفجار أصبح الجميع في حالة الجمود الذى يعقب الانفجارات. أن تجازف بحياتك في كل مرة تعبر فيها الطريق وسط السيارات و الحافلات المتسارعة أو أن تقفز من الميكروباص أثناء محاولته تهدئة السرعة انها ليست مواهب اكروباتية في الشعب المصرى بل اعتيادهم على محاولات البقاءعلى قيد الحياة .


أنا لا أرى لتلك الشوارع حلاً الا النسف كما في اعلان انسف حمامك القديم. أما التجميل و محاولات تزيين و تنظيف بعض الاركان فلن يجدى قط.

من اللافت أتوبيسات صنع في الإمارات كم من اتوبيسات و متروهات لم تصنع فى مصر و لم يكتب عليها بلد المنشأ

يؤسفنى تهيئة المترو للانسحاب من المشهد بعد أن أدرك الكثيرين أنه يمر بالصدفه و ليس بالانتظام الذى كان عليه يوماً ما.

و يؤسفنى أن مصر الجديدة لم تعد جديدة، شاخت في السنوات القليلة الماضية.

يؤسفنى أن المدن الجديدة لا تخلوا من العشوائيات.

عندما نظرت لمصر من الأعلى وجدتها ضخمة هائلة المساحة والتعداد لكنها ليست الا هوه كبيرة من الاستهلاك و الدليل أن ما أراه مضيئاً في تلك الصورة القاتمة للعاصمة القاهرة هو الاعلانات الاستهلاكية.

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