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Cairo through my eyes

Cairo seemed more crowded and more dusty than when I left 3 years ago in 2012. I was moving mostly around in taxis and I paid average of 1 Euros for going to Heliopolis from Manshiet el tahrir and 4 to 5 Euros to down town.

To take a taxi from one point to another you begin with 3 L.E and soon you find that a short distance would cost you 10 LE. I always preferred the white taxi which has a meter counter and a clear price without the need to fight about the estimated price as the black taxi.

I was looking around and thinking that one day life in Cairo will collapse. It is really unbelievable how all this amount of humans are functioning in such a mess. how is it possible to make the streets bigger or remove the illegal buildings or even clean this dusty polluted atmosphere. It needs efforts and support of the world's geniuses and still maybe they will fail to solve it.

I went to Omar Effendi to see what are they selling inside after becoming part of the private sector. It was pathetic, a huge store with very poor quality products.

I then went to my favorite mango juice shop "Abuheder" in Roxy, I remember I used to have a big mango cup for around 4 L.E or 5 L.E I was shocked to see how smaller the cup got and for 9 L.E, but the same amazing taste.

In Cairo the juice shops are the best in the world and how they get creative with it is actually worth more investigating.

You can have juice of any fruit or vegetable not only that but you can have a mix of them or you can add ice cream with pieces of fruits and in this case it is called " Fakhfakhina"

Now they mix it also with Oreo or kitkat or twinkies ...really brilliant.

I had huge expectations about the currency difference between the Euro and the Egyptian pound and thought as I have some Euros I could shop until I drop, but I found everything is very expensive even compared to the Euro.

I then went to have lunch and in a local restaurant I had 2 potatoes sandwiches bottle of water and rice budding for 19 LE ....wawooo I was expecting to pay around 5 - 7 Egyptian pounds.

I passed by Tahrir square that looked like a war zone or under construction area, in addition to the graffiti on the walls of the AUC, I felt the big number of policemen around.

The touristic companies looked out of order, all their advertisements were in Arabic which means they had no hope for western tourists. and down town bazaars were not in a better condition.

finally I went to my dentist which was my main reason for visiting hoping he can help me with what the other dentists in Europe couldn't do.

It always amazes me when you start telling the doctor about your complain and you found him completing it for you. he also explains to you things that seemed for you mysterious. not only mysterious for you but sometimes for other doctors.

I have been before finally coming to him to about 25 dentists and 4 ENT doctors without a clue about what is wrong with me while he immediately found sense in my symptoms. But the days proved that he is a good dentist with great talking skills. I think his main advantage is convincing you that you don't need to worry much.

I was able to fix some stuff but not as professional as I was expecting.

Sea food is very delicious and you can simply get a varieties if you know the right place. my favorite place is Abukir in Sint fatima. you can get fish or shrimps sandwiches in baladi or fino bread. you can have your freshly picked fish and choose to grill it or fry it. on top of that you can have a wonderful delicious thick texture and full of sea food mix ..I am talking here about the soup. in addition to rice with shrimps, craps, .......the list is endless.

in 1992 Egypt was hit by an earthquake, it wasn't so strong but as many buildings were very old there were many victims. One famous newly built building collapsed and I am talking here about the Heliopolis building. people were buried under and few survived one of them was rescued after about 2 weeks and was a miracle to find him alive after so many days his name was "Aktham"

The land after that was abandoned for many years as no one would want to build in the same place of what is called the death building. while passing by I was surprised to see a tall new building coming up and by investigating I was informed that the building belongs to Heliopolis church which will make of it a charity service center.

People in Egypt are very sensitive about cameras, when using it, you can be faced easily by someone shouting at you " What are you shooting?" even if you are taking photo of a shop or a bus. The idea of damaging Egypt's reputation by showing the reality is always there.

carrying a camera in Egypt is like carrying a weapon you have to explain all the time why you are not taking photos of your family and friends only as everyone usually does.

but in spite of all this photography phobia I was able to capture some photos.