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Croatian airlines & Lufthansa الخطوط الجوية الكرواتية و لوفتهانزا

I booked my journey to Cairo through my favorite website

I started my trip with the Croatian airlines from Zagreb airport. The airport is small but it has the most beautiful view of the planes passages.

I dropped my bag off after they checked my printed boarding pass and passport. I thought that was so simple, but when you have an Egyptian passport you never know. after passing the security gate they checked my passport again and my ticket and they asked me about my visa. I informed them that I am Egyptian who is travelling to Egypt so I shouldn't need a visa, but it turned out that they are asking about the Croatian visa which I didn't have as I have a residency. and luckily showing the residency card was enough to let me through.

The Croatian airline was for me a surprise, the trip was to Munich which is about one hour, the plane was small but the pilot was very confident in taking off and landing, everything was smooth and we also had a snack which is baked cookies with olive oil and herbs and a drink of your choice. You can choose from Red/white wine, coffee, Apple/oranges/tomato juice, Coca cola, Still/sparkling water.

I actually ordered tea which they didn't have but made it specially for me.

and the Magazine was inspiring with all information about Zagreb and surrounding Croatian cities which I didn't know about.

We arrived in Munich Airport which is huge. I even found an exhibition about time and it's development inside the airport.

The toilets were ok with a screen for giving your feedback about the service.

I had many tax free products which I bought during my visits to the European countries like Belgium and Hungary. I was hoping for a refund but when I went to the customs they said they can only refund me if I had a tourist visa of 90 days and they considered being resident in Croatia as being a resident in the schingen area which is weird as I am not considered a schingen citizen and I need shingen visa to enter those countries inspite of my Croatian residency.

In the airport I started hearing the Arabic language and saw some guys praying so I atarted preparing myself to be in Egypt soon.

I took off with the lufthansa airlines to the final destination Cairo. It was very cold inside the plane that's why they provide pillows and small blanket for a trip that lasted 3 hours and a half.

Most of the passengers were Egyptians and the Arabic language seemed the most spoken around.

The meal had two options, chicken or pasta which is vegetarian and that was good for someone pescetarian like me.

I saw Egypt from the sky and it was huge. ofcourse I compare it to many European countries I saw from planes.

we landed finally and the struggle started.

to be continued ....