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Build your house with wood ابنى منزلك بالخشب

I found an exhibition promoting building with wood claiming that it is more ecological!!!

I was actually surprised how cutting trees could be ecological. They explained to me that harvesting trees can give a space and better environment for planting more. in Sweden when they cut 1 tree they grow 6 instead. By growing more trees this will increase the process of purifying the air as the trees consume Co2 and releases O2.

I asked about the fire danger but they said that with the new technology the wood will be covered with materials that is against fire.

Now for the price, 1 house or (BOX) as shown in the photo costs 10.000 Euros.

It may be considred cheap but you need to take into consideration the land and all the services that will be installed like water, electricity ...etc.

If you know more about this kind of building please leave your comment below.

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