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Film directing

1- Film your first documentary course (one to one)

Do you want to film your first documentary?

Are you new to filmmaking and have no previous experience?


This course will help you film your first documentary.

Before I become a documentary film director I was eager to find a course that will give me the skill and the courage to film my first documentary in a short period of time, and this is what this course is offering you. 

How does it work?

Follow the following steps:

If your topic is accepted you move to the next steps:

  • You will get a free link to an online course on how to film your first documentary. Details of the course below. 

  • After finishing the course you will have a one to one  Skype meeting to discuss the shooting plan.

  • After shooting you will get access to a free course on how to edit your film plus support in editing if needed. 

  • You will  be eligible to another Skype meetup to discuss the editing process.

  • The film will then be ready and you will learn more about the options of sharing your film with the world.

  • The project will end with you adding the film  to your portfolio as your first documentary.  

Duration: It is flexible according to your needs but can't exceed 3 months.

Cost:  150$

2-  Film your first documentary online course

This course is designed to guide you to film your first short documentary. You will learn about the simple equipment needed, the storytelling techniques, the camera shots, angles and movements. 

Also how to use your phone or DSLR photography camera or any other camera in filming.

No previous knowledge or skills is needed, just your passion and desire to make a film. 

3-  Edit your first documentary online course

This course will teach you how to edit your first film/video

You don't need to have previous experience. I am using Adobe Premiere Cs6 but the information applies for other editing software as well. 

You will learn 

- How to organize and prepare your files for editing

- How to create a project

- The interface and working with the timeline

- Cutting part of a scene

- Working with the timeline

- Adding images

- Adding text

- Adding music

- Adding transitions

- Adding effects

- Exporting a final file

- Project