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Your life / family history documentary film

I will tell your life / family story in a documentary film

No matter where you are in the world, as a documentary filmmaker I will help you to create a documentary film about your life or the life of someone you care for, this could be your mother, father, grandparents or any other family members or friends.

How does it work?

Step one: You will receive a form to fill, including questions about the different stages of the person's life.

You can fill the answers in a written form and then record them in audio form or you can record the answers directly via an audio recording device - This can be a mobile app.

The form questions goes over the main life stages from birth to childhood to education to work and career to love and marriage to faith/ philosophy, ....etc


The life timeline can be adjusted and modified to your request and could focus on a certain stage or story  if needed.

Step two: You will be requested to send photos, videos, photos of memorabilia related to the answers recorded. . 

Step Three : Once the Form and the material is received they will be checked and we will get back to you for any more questions or modifications if needed.  

Step four: It will take 30 days to Finalize the film and deliver it from the day of receiving all the needed material.

You can check a sample of a life documentary here

Watch a sample:

For orders and inquiries send to